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1. Can we bring our own wine?
Yes, if the bottle is not listed on our wine list we allow 2 bottles per table for a corkage fee of $50 per bottle (750ml) and $100 for a magnum. No beer or liquor allowed.

2. Can we bring our own cake?
Yes, however you will be charged a $5 plating fee per cover.

3. Can we order a cake from ilili for a special occasion?
Yes, however we ask you to give us a notice of 3 business days by sending us an email to

4. Do you accept large group reservations?
For large parties of 12 or more please contact our Private Events team at

5. Do you serve halal meat?
We can accommodate halal meat for private events with a prior notice of 3 business days. 

6. Do you offer home or office catering?
You can place catering orders for delivery or pickup directly from our website by visiting our catering store. If you do not find what you're looking and would like to customize your order further please send us an email to